All consultations are by appointment. We always try and accomodate your requests to see a specific Doctor, but you are at liberty to consult with any of the doctors due to their availability.

If you have not been seen at the surgery for three years (one year if you are over 75) you can request an appointment for a check up if you wish.

Types of Appointments

Routine - these are a mixture of on the day and pre-bookable appointments available to patients.  We aim to have a balance of appointments released on the day, and appointments available in advance.  We also release appointments throughout the week with the aim to provide appointments within 3 days.

Urgent Appointments - patients with urgent cases will be seen the same day but it may not be with your usual doctor.  Please help by telling the receptionist if your problem is urgent. Other problems are normally offered an appointment within 3 working days. If you feel you may require a longer appointment please ask for a double appointment.

Telephone Appointments - these are available to patients between the morning and afternoon surgeries.  As surgeries can run on longer than expected, we cannot offer a fixed time to call however.  Please ensure that you provide up to date contact details and that you have your phone available between 11:00 and 2:00pm.

Extended Hours - We also offer extended hours appointments.  These are available from 5.30pm - 6.30pm with two surgeries taking place on most Monday and Tuesday.

House Visits - we have an on call Doctor available for House Visits in the morning.  If you cannot leave the house and require a visit, please call and arrange prior to 11am. 

Preference of Doctor - we understand that many of you have preferences of which Doctor you see.  Whilst we are more than happy to accommodate your requests, we cannot guarantee this due to the working patterns of the GP's, other training commitments and your availability.  We can promise every effort will be made to help you and we appreciate your understanding.

Lack of appointments?

We offer a variety of appointments and see on average 350 patients per week.  We also provide an average of 50 Telephone Consultations, 20 house visits on a weekly basis. 

More appointments have been created in an effort to provide a better service to our patients.  We have more on the day appointments, with further appointments available for the following two days.  Pre-bookable appointments are also available up to 6 weeks in advance.

Did Not Attend (DNA) appointments are a problem for us which we are addressing.  We have set up a text message reminder service, and have a policy to remove patients who fail to turn up for appointments regularly.  We are also training our staff to raise awareness of our appointment system.



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